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Ax-Water…the Antioxidant Powerhouse

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Ax-Water…the Antioxidant Powerhouse


            The daily onslaught of toxins, pollution, stress and all things yuck leads most of us searching for ways to combat the damage in the battle against free radicals. Well, there’s a new heavy hitter in our arsenal- enter Ax-Water; the truly innovative, unlike anything you’ve tried before, enhanced water beverage that brings it’s a-game to the wellness world. It’s powerhouse ingredient- Aronia berry was once a lowly, glossed-over berry whose benefits were typically unknown beyond the holistic bunch. Aronia is now taking front and center in this beverage line and letting the natural flavors of juicy pear and ripe blackberry enhance but not overtake its deliciously tart, slightly sweet flavor.

            When it comes to antioxidants, Aronia berry is killing the competition- raspberries, cranberries, pomegranates etc. were once thought of as the holy grail of free radical neutralizers- that’s changed now that Aronia has entered the scene and with its brilliantly subtle, yet refreshingly clean taste it can easily become a daily habit. With only 30 calories in the entire bottle, this isn’t some pseudo sports drinks masking itself as health food. Ax-water is free of artificial ingredients, preservatives and erythritol- just clean, pure ingredients making this ideal for anytime hydration.

            Yes, we should be exercising regularly, staying away from processed food and getting in lots of hydration but sometimes real life is tough. Making small changes towards better health is key- and with products like Ax-Water it makes those positive changes easier. After all, while plain water is important sometimes getting in plenty of fluids with a little flavor is a lot easier and realistic. With its low calorie count, absence of all things artificial and high goodness content you can make Ax-Water a regular thing and reap some serious benefits. Now if only we could find a shortcut for burpees and lunges…

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