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Zerona Laser; because every little thing helps

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Zerona Laser; because every little thing helps


            I am fully aware that the solution for permanent weight loss is good old-fashioned diet and exercise. I realized this after years of yo-yo dieting that there’s no quick fix. I sometimes undergo a specialized “diet” for short periods of time to jump start my weight loss and motivate me but really, I know that in the long term, eating healthy and staying active are the keys to success…I’ve lived it; but it doesn’t mean I can’t take little help here and there. I’m tight lipped about some of my cosmetic procedures but open about some less invasive ones.

            Non-invasive cosmetic procedures for me are not life-changers simply glorified boosters to assist with whatever journey I’m on. The Zerona laser is a cold laser, it’s non-invasive, pain free (yes, really) with no downtime. It requires a minimum of six sessions and treats a wider array of trouble sports then say Cool Sculpting that is more focused on one or two specific areas. The Zerona laser head looks like an octopus…with claw-like arms that can treat almost half of your body for maximum payoff. It takes 20 minutes on each side to target the trouble spots, a nurse sets you up in the correct position but since it truly is 100% pain free you’re typically on your own for the duration of the procedure.

            The technology behind Zerona is said to target and emulsify excess fat cells that are then metabolized back into your body for disposal. Drinking tons of water before and after are imperative to help flush out the metabolized waste. The nurse who worked with me said that the laser would essentially heat up fat cells to the point that they burst open and spill their lipiddy content back into your body and out of your system. Throughout my beauty procedure filled life I’ve learned that the more expensive, the more painful something is the bigger the result. This is a sad but true fact that I am convinced is a cruel reality so when the laser had no sensation whatsoever…no heat, no cold, no rubber band annoying snap etc. I was a little disappointed.

            I faithfully underwent my six sessions meanwhile sticking to my crazy water intake and high protein diet. You can customize the laser to treat different areas of your body, the most popular areas are the hips, thighs and buttock. This would never fly for me as my life goal has been Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s elusive 36’ 24’ 36’ proportions and therefore any reduction in my lower extremities would be counterproductive. I choose the infamous back fat section where even size 2 women struggle with the bra bulge; my waist and the top portion of my hips hoping I would leave the procedure room with a Shakira torso (one can fantasize right?)

            I was measured before and after….my results? Overall, I lost a half inch to one inch in each section. In my hips I lost a full two inches which was my most successfully treated area. It worked, yes. There was definitive proof on paper but is .5 to 2 inches worth the time and money? For me, I know that massive weight loss takes time, Zerona is not meant to help with weight loss, it simply spot treats hard to reach areas with stubborn fat pockets to help contour your overall shape, keeping that goal in mind then yes, it absolutely worked. Just be sure your expectations are in check and if it helps as a little confidence boost during your weight loss journey then go for it, otherwise my recommendation is to wait until you’ve already reached or are close to your weight goal and use Zerona to spot treat those last few areas that are resistant to exercise.

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