I was raised as a vegetarian and have also been vegan at various point of my life. Most recently I’ve been vegan for a little over 3 years.

How did you know what plant-based ingredients would constitute for such a delicious entree (i.e. chorizo, no chicken, sausage, pull pork?)

When starting out I was just making these recipes for myself and my family, so what I looked for primarily was; does it taste great? Does it perform great in my recipes? As I started to get more serious about nailing the flavors and textures of our products to more closely replicate the experience of eating traditional proteins I relied heavily on the feedback of people who were eating those proteins on a more frequent basis. They had the memory bank of flavors and textures stored up and would come back to me with suggestions to make our varieties more ‘meat-like’. I also spent a lot of time studying artisan meat making methods and seasonings, because ultimately what we’re doing is not that different – only we choose to work with plant proteins vs. ones that come from animals.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a market nearby to purchase No Evil Foods, how do you guarantee freshness in the delivery process directly from your site? (since it is perishable)
First of all, that’s a super bummer that we’re not available where you live yet. Fortunately, all of our products can be shipped nationwide via our website! Product freshness is top priority so everything gets sent from our facility to you in two days, by ground or by air depending on your location. Our damn delicious Plant Meats are frozen and shipped with ice packs in insulated boxes so they should arrive thawed and chilled and ready to devour!
10 years from now, what visions do you have for your brand?
Our business has grown so quickly and changes in ways that are hardly conceivable to me on a daily basis. If you told me 4 years ago where we’d be today, I’d never believe you. So, looking 10 years down the road is tough. I think that we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing, which is to build an exciting brand that cranks out the best damn plant-based meats on the market. We’ll continue to deepen our activism and social responsibility as a business, strengthen our sustainability efforts, and of course build out our product line so there are more varieties of Plant Meats and more occasions to eat them. I’d like to see us increase our relationships with restaurants and chefs nationwide – heck maybe we’ll open up our own restaurant! (OMG – THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!)
Will you be offering any new products in the coming year?
While not entirely new, we will be expanding our production of our holiday centerpiece The Pardon this year. We expect to have it available in retailers across the country as well as through our website. We sell out every year and wanna get that centerpiece on lots more holiday tables this year!