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Slay all Day with Yourlixir

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Slay all Day with Yourlixir

            Maybe it’s my international travels, maybe it’s my crazy schedule filled with deadlines or maybe it’s the idea of bikini season right around the corner…either way my body needs some serious R&R and what better way to start then with some simple, effective detox. Whether you’re new to the body cleansing game or a regular restorative queen you’d be hard pressed to find something easier to use than Yourlixir products. Corinne and I sought this company out once we noticed the buzz going around their products at a recent event. Once we actually tried the product for ourselves we understood why so many women were raving about them. Their product line is complete and customized and serves to focus on specific health concerns that women care about the most. What is Yourlixir?  Its powder-based superfoods made with the highest quality ingredients making them a breeze to incorporate into your regular routine. Another notable mention; this female founded company has garnered quite a following; and at inner bombshell were all about that girl power. Here’s a breakdown of what they offer and why it’s a must in every girl’s wellness arsenal:

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL – I promise it’s not as scary at its looks and actually has the least offensive taste of any supplement I’ve ever tried. It’s a true detox powerhouse that also helps with bloating/digestion, skin issues, pH balancing and body odor. Think gentle cleansing that’s as easy as throwing some in your AM smoothie twice a week. Genius idea? Yes!

MATCHA- Is there anything I can’t do with this delicious packet of yum! They use the best available Japanese powder to give you the clean taste of matcha without the extra sweeteners and additives commonly found in other green tea powders. I was able to make one hell of an amazing latte with this one and felt fine making that a daily habit since its benefits include natural focus and reduced inflammation.

TURMERIC- Have you ever tried a golden milk latte? If not, you are seriously missing out on one of the most satisfying and nourishing indulgences around. Turmeric has the power to make anything it touches gold and with good reason- it’s THE anti-inflammatory MVP that also helps immune function, digestion, and my favorite…helps gives your skin that gorgeous, naturally healthy glow from within.

SPIRULINA- This green goddess supplement does so much but its claim to fame is its high protein content rivaling many traditional protein sources- making this a #1 pick for vegans. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, an abundance of antioxidants and aids in detoxification. Sprinkle some onto your breakfast bowls or throw it in a blender for a rich, satisfying, clean taste.

MACA- Unfortunately, I’ve noticed this supplement lesser utilized than most…that has to change because this has some crazy important benefits. Natural energy and focus, combating adrenal fatigue, mental clarity…these are just some of the reasons why women can benefit. It also happens to be a natural libido booster so that fact in itself is enough to keep this in heavy rotation.

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