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New Beauty’s Beauty Choice Awards Box

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New Beauty’s Beauty Choice Awards Box


            New Beauty Magazine; the underrated and brilliant beauty publication who brought us our beloved test tube subscription also has an annual box full of can’t miss goodies.  This once a year box features the best of the best as voted by readers and is an exceptional value considering the high-end brand names typically included.

In addition to makeup and skincare there is often a wellness component and therefore typically a full-size supplement as well as literature and savings on the enclosed products. Travel and full-size offerings are always worth it, exceeding the cost many times over. The cost for this year’s box was $59.95 but it could potentially vary in subsequent shipments. Votes are cast at the end of the year to choose the next winners- take advantage and place your vote because there’s nothing quite like first hand, honest opinions to create a kick-ass collection that so far has never disappointed.

            Some of the brands featured include:

  • Tan Towel- these towelettes seriously work and create a believable tan after just a few hours
  • NeoCell- The Ceramides Skin Hydrator supplement helps support skin health from the inside out.
  • Obagi- I’ve written about the benefits of this luxury brand before, the fact that this exclusive brand is included speaks volumes.
  • Living Proof- Top shelf hair care in a convenient travel size- what’s more to love
  • So many more! If you are ready to up your beauty game just try it already.

And FYI this is NOT a paid editorial, nor did I receive the box for free or at a discount…this is 100% me so take that into consideration when reading beauty box reviews.

Check out their website and be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on any of their exclusive collections:




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