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Energybits…algae reinvented

Energybits…algae reinvented   Anybody remotely interested in overall health and wellness has probably tried algae; yes, I’m talking the uber-green spirulina and chlorella that touts major health benefits at an…. acquired taste. I’ve previously had a love/hate relationship with the green/blue stuff; never doubting its amazing detox ability while summoning up the courage to scoop …

Hair Oil, Cruelty-free, Paraben free, gluten free, miracle hair oil. smoothing and shinning oil for hair
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Verb Ghost Oil For Your Hair

Have you heard of Ghost Oil from Verb? If you haven’t you will want to go out and buy it immediately. Imagine an oil for your fragile strands that softens, defrizzes, shines and is weightless plus the best thing about it is that it magically disappears leaving you with beautiful hair. When people mention …