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Bee Venom Creams

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Bee Venom Creams


Whenever I come across an unorthodox beauty ingredient I am called to try it. It can be mild; like a new flower-derived toner or an organic rice scrub. Sometimes it can be bolder; and contain ingredients like snake venom, snail secretions or something not approved in the US…those are always extra fun😊 Bee Venom Creams fall somewhere in the middle. After all, honey is innocent enough and as its main ingredient these creams start off simple and straightforward.

Honey is known to soothe, moisturize and help with acne as its antimicrobial properties are a natural solution for blemishes and inflammation. These two creams are different in that they start off with honey as a base but add additional ingredients to target specific beauty concerns. The first one; a Big Bee Pearl Cream contains…you guessed it, crushed pearls to help with radiance and literally gives you an instant lustrous glow that looks incredible the moment you put it on your face.

There are pearl extracts available in the US but it is purposefully subtle; in Asia, the ingredients are oftentimes more concentrated and therefore more intense. Big Bee Bee Venom Cream (not a typo) is exactly what you’d think it was. This cream boasts concentrated bee venom to help smooth lines and work as a sort of topical Botox, temporarily softening lines and aggressively targeting wrinkles. There is a unique sensation upon application, a tingling of sorts, not painful or uncomfortable but just enough to know something is happening.  Am I playing roulette by slathering unknown/unconventional substances on my face and body? Absolutely, but without risk there is no reward so I volunteer to be a guinea pig in the name of vanity. Bee beautiful ladies!

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