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Cheers to Tea Time…with Chai Diaries

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Cheers to Tea Time…with Chai Diaries


            A hot cup of delicious tea evokes feelings of comfort and care; it’s the ultimate prescription for all that ails you. Gone are the days when I accept cheap, mass produced teas as actual “tea”; nowadays I seek out the best of the best- with real, natural ingredients blended together to create something truly special. I recently discovered a new favorite; a flavorful blend of teas created by Chai Diaries that is nothing short of fantastic. Founded in Los Angeles, this female owned company has cultivated over three generations of tea harvesting experience to create products devoted to delicious aromas and delectable tastes. I was able to sample three of their favorites:

Blood Orange- Real orange peel as their first ingredient ensures I am getting the real deal. Hibiscus brings in its signature crimson hue, rosehips/petals for a floral note, apple for a touch of natural sweetness and safflowers to bring it all together. Perfect as a way to wind down, soothe a sore throat or simply as a daily dose of wellness.  

Rooibos Coco Chai- Rooibos; a new favorite of mine, partners with shredded coconut, warming ginger root and spicy cinnamon. This immune boosting blend is rich in vitamins and contains natural-anti allergens for an added boost of defense. This flavor profile is perfect as is or with a touch of cassava nectar.

Turmeric Chai Loose Leaf Tea- This vibrant, golden nectar does just about everything. A natural anti-inflammatory with a rich, savory/sweet taste; perfect with a splash of coconut milk or a touch of honey. Particularly delicious both hot and iced and a perfect to try the brand. Don’t be intimidated by loose leaf, once you find a strainer you love you can adjust the depth of the flavor by adding more or less tea.

Find your new favorite…browse and shop at:

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