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The Italian Vegan Leather Movement

If someone would’ve told me twenty years ago that Italian leather manufacturing companies would be making vegan leather I would’ve said “wishful thinking.” Italy has always been known for its leather and I should know since my mom has been in the fashion industry for over fifty years. All the big fashion companies she’s worked for always ordered their leather fabric from Italy. Remember this was back in the 60’s-90’s before China started taking businesses away from everyone (if I must be frank). I saw first hand how fruitful American clothing factories and companies were and how that business is almost obsolete in our country. But we shall leave that topic for another article and focus on the amazing fact that Italy is indeed making amazing products using vegan leather. 

My partner-in-crime and friend whom you all know as the other half of Inner Bombshell  (Opal) was generous enough to bring me an amazing souvenir from Italy, you guessed it, a VEGAN leather purse. I don’t know which one of us was more excited about the discovery, her because she found the perfect gift for me or me who was shocked by the vegan beautiful purse made in ITALY!!! I was head over heels with the thought that compassion in the fashion industry was spreading to a place that used to be predominately famous for animal skin. 

I immediately got on my computer to see how advanced vegan leather had become in Italy and to my surprise, there are so many reputable companies focusing on bringing animal-friendly alternatives to genuine leather. Italian designer Vegea is making vegan leatherette known as “wine leather” because his products are made from byproducts of winemaking. Ecolorica provides you with vegan leather, Nemanti has Italian luxury vegan shoes, Miomojo has vegan bags, Camminaleggero has shoes, Jill Milan has luxury vegan bags, NOAH has Italian vegan shoes, bags, and accessories and the list goes on and on. You should’ve seen the amazement in my face as I continued to discover so many companies offering not only vegan but also eco-friendly fashion pieces and accessories. 

We have truly come a long way but there is still so much that needs to be done. I am just happy that there are so many people truly caring about the welfare of animals and the sustainability of our earth. For now, I will showcase my beautiful and fashionable vegan bag with pride and I always make sure to let others know it came from un negozio Italiano di pelle vegano;) 

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