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Summer Vacay Ready thanks to Jet Lag Rx

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Summer Vacay Ready thanks to Jet Lag Rx


            Here’s the thing…I LOVE to travel, and I LOVE to venture very, very far. Yes, sometimes it’s nice to take a weekend trip to San Diego or Vegas but really when I need to unplug the more remote and exotic the better. Aside from my worries about tropical fevers, political upheaval and no AC I also dread that horrible experience of flying 10+ hours and arriving feeling like crap. As a now seasoned traveler I have my tricks and routine in place to get me through the flight relatively unscathed; however, nothing has ever worked to lift that brain fog that hits the second I land.  I had yet to find a solution that didn’t require a dangerous tango of OTC sleeping aids and loads of a caffeine. What’s a girl to do?

            At the Bloom Summit in Beverly Hills a couple weeks back we met tons of fabulous companies and sampled loads of great products. Only a handful stood out….one of these came from a company called Genexa. Genexa offers up plenty of solutions for your typical health woes using natural ingredients and homeopathic blends. All their medicines are certified organic, and their company is FDA registered because they care about what goes into your body. The cure should never be worse than the ailment, right? That’s a refreshing concept that I wish more companies believed in.  

            My must have pick is their Jet Lag Rx, perfect for those who travel on the regular and want something safe, natural and most importantly effective. This chewable tablet has a subtle vanilla lavender flavor that is a nice departure from the artificial nothing-like-fruit I’ve ever tasted type chewables that leave you slightly nauseated. Here’s the ingredient lineup:

  • Arnica Montana- helps combat fatigue, irritably and lethargy.
  • Cinchona Officinalis- helps ease mood changes, fatigue and early waking.
  • Cocculus Indicus- great for excessive sleepiness, loss of appetite and constipation.
  • Coffea Cruda- great for headaches, lightheadedness, and inability to concentrate.
  • Tabacum- Fights sleeplessness, nausea and anxiety.

To find out more visit: https://www.genexahealth.com/

 *Innerbombshell has not received any monetary compensation for this review. A sample bottle was provided for evaluation purposes. All opinions our own.

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