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ZenBasil…Re-think your drink

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ZenBasil…Re-think your drink


Move over Chia…. ZenBasil is proving to be the healthy drink MVP after all. Not that Chia isn’t a great contender, its ability to thicken up liquids and create a nice texture is appreciated but what if there was something better? There is; turns out Basil Seeds (yes, like the pesto creating glorious green leaves) are a nutritional powerhouse that offer up more than twice the fiber, iron, potassium and calcium compared to Chia seeds. Who knew? As far as the texture thing, Basil has you covered, thickening liquid just a touch and creating a boba-like jelly mouth feel that is delightfully chewy. It’s unfortunate that basil seeds haven’t been more popular in the US market, as a little research lead me to realize that this ancient seed has been touted for thousands of years in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as a potent detoxifier and wellness booster.

            I was introduced to Basil seeds at the Natural Expo in Anaheim, by a wonderful lady and innovative creator who believes in quality and simplicity as the basis for her product line. ZenBasil is a plant-based prebiotic drink that offers your body natural hydration via electrolytes, renewal via antioxidants and plenty of fiber to aid in gentle detoxification. The entire product line contains no artificial anything- just artfully created flavor combos that are tarte, sweet, refreshing and delicious. Each blend contains whole Basil Seeds which are addictingly tasty and make for a filling, mid-day pick me up. The four flavors currently offered are:

  • White Gummy- Basil Seed, Tulsi, Pineapple and lemon Juice
  • Healthy Greens- Basil Seed, Tulsi, Apple and Mint
  • Touch of Honey- Basil Seed, Tulsi, Honey and Lemon
  • Strawberry- Basil Seed, Tulsi and Strawberry

To learn more or to find out where you can purchase check out:

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