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Zoya Nail Polish Safe Enough For Little Hands To Use

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I first discovered the nail polish brand Zoya when I took all three of my daughters to get a kids haircut and nail polish at a fun kids salon. I am always concerned about using nail polish on my daughters and I immediately asked what they were planning on using on them. They said Zoya nail polish and comforted me with the brands breathable “Big 10 Free” formula.

For many of us, we tend to take great care of our body and hair by using organic foods, toxin-free products but what about our nails? Did you know that “a study led by Duke University and the health advocacy organization Environmental Working Group suggests that we absorb at least one potentially hormone-disrupting chemical every time we get a polish.” Most of the brands we love and see all over our social media feed with incredibly beautiful pictures contain TPhP. What is TPhP you ask? Triphenyl phosphate (TPhP) is the chemical compound with the formula OP(OC6H5)3. This colourless solid is the ester (triester) of phosphoric acid and phenol. It is used as a plasticizer and a fire retardant in a wide variety of settings and products. wikipedia

That’s not all you have to worry about, how about formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide dibutyl phthalate, camphor, parabens, toluene, xylene, or lead. Yeap, you read right. All those ridiculously scary ingredients are inside our tiny bottles of nail polish and you know what? At least one of those will get absorbed into our bodies! YUCK!!! But enough with the bad news, the flip side is that Zoya is here and is free from all those crazy ingredients. They are safe for our kiddos, the elderly and for ourselves. Isn’t that something to smile about? Sure made me happy they weren’t using any of the OTHER nail polish brands on my girls.

Now, Zoya is the standard in our house, especially for my little girls. And they have new summer colors rightfully named Sunshine Summer 2018 and we just can’t get enough of them. The shades are perfect for summer from cotton-candy blue iridescent-holo topper to amethyst cream to raspberry sorbet cream and 9 more summery shades. I really love this brand especially since they have amazing nail polish selections and every single one of them is toxin-free!

Go get your new Summer shade before they sell out! Zoya Sunshine


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