Behold the Power of Black Pearl

Behold the Power of Black Pearl

Behold the Power of Black Pearl

The ingenious power of Dr. Brandt has unleashed a nighttime serum with the power of Tahitian Black Pearl Extract. Yes, it contains plankton extract and a host of other good for your skin ingredients but really the star of the show is this coveted pearl essence. The glass pump bottle showcases the encapsulated elixir which is eye candy for the serious skincare guru. The silky, luminescence feels heavenly on your skin and while it suggests you wear under your nighttime cream I typically go it alone and wake up with smooth, glowing radiance every time.

At an MSRP of $155 it’s no small investment but the results speak for themselves. Dr. Brandt’s Do Not Age (DNA) line also carries the Yang to this Yin with their Transforming Pearl Serum. This beautiful, incandescent serum is specifically formulated for daytime use and infuses your skin with serious vitality and radiance. Luxury skincare? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely! We want to hear about your specialized skincare routine. Sound off in the comment section below.

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