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T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer and Bodywaver…Making your Mornings Better!

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T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer and Bodywaver…Making your Mornings Better!


            I have this extraordinarily bulky hairdryer that I got from my short stint in beauty school. It creates massive amounts of heat and weighs a ton but outrivals any average buy-it-anywhere hairdryer, so I’ve kept it around for years. After close to 10 years of faithful service it was time to upgrade but I refused to compromise and turn basic. I needed professional grade and I needed performance.

I found it with T3, this ultra-lightweight dryer is as beautiful to the eye as it is to your hair.  Using T3 Tourmaline SoftAire Technology you get a fast…I mean very fast dry time with virtually no damage. With my 25’ extensions taking up a good 45-minute timeslot to dry; I was pleased to be able to cut it down to a mere 20 minutes…yes, seriously!  This limited-edition dryer comes in a stunning Rose Gold with beautiful accents and matching curling iron if you are so inclined.

The curling iron was damn near perfection with its sleek design and fast heat up feature. It created luscious, glossy curls just how I like them in no time at all. It’s steep price tag has left many of my friends horrified when I tell them about it, but you must consider just how much your time is worth plus the added bonus of not destroying your hair in the process. It’s an investment worth making if you regularly style your hair, start with replacing just one item, maybe your straighter or your most commonly used curling iron size.  Have you tried T3? What other brands have you found to be comparable? Sound off below in the comment section.

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