Charcoal obsessed! Why your body could use the black stuff.

Charcoal obsessed! Why your body could use the black stuff.

Charcoal obsessed! Why your body could use the black stuff.


            I’ve been obsessed with charcoal since before it became a thing. Seriously, I began toting black water since back in the day to detox and cleanse. Nowadays everything from masks to pore strips, to lotions and toothpastes take care of topical de-purging while waters and juices offer up benefits for your insides. I thought I had seen it all until a walk by my nearest Nekter Juice Bar stopped me in my tracks. Charcoal Ice Cream? Ok, well not technically ice cream in the traditional sense but their Skoop version which is vegan and made with nut milks that is oh so delicious. Now, their vanilla flavor had activated charcoal which turned the formerly white concoction a deep shade of ebony. I had to tried it immediately and here’s how it went.

            I opted for a simple topping of fresh strawberries more so for contrast and color as I eat with my eyes as much as with my taste buds. The texture was gritty and icy, but not in a bad way. It had a notable mouth feel- more refreshing than creamy but still satisfying. The taste- well let’s just say its rich color fools the eye because instead of a bitter or pungent taste charcoal tends to mute flavors as was the case with this Skoop. The vanilla flavor was not as pronounced, it was subtlety sweet and very yummy. So, why consume charcoal in the first place?

            Charcoal has this amazing ability to trap chemicals before getting absorbed in your body. When ingested it clears out unwanted toxins and helps to debloat, break down undigested food and prevents cellular damage. It’s your liver’s best friend, coming in to pick up the slack when you’ve OD’d on the bad stuff AKA alcohol by helping to prevent or minimize the effects of a hangover. Be forewarned, you will be thirsty after you consume charcoal, why? Flushing out unwanted chemicals while beneficial can also lead to dehydration unless you are replenishing your reserves. So, if your still on the fence test the waters; you’ll be surprised how unassuming charcoal tastes and how incredible you’ll feel afterwards.

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