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Zo Medical by Dr. Obagi

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Zo Medical by Dr. Obagi


It’s the equivalent of a training bra for your skin, retinols are an absolute necessity but not until you’re ready. Most experts agree that retinol is best left until the first signs of aging appear but with the millions of women dealing with sensitive skin issues it’s been a sore subject (no pun intended.) Most women I’ve spoken to about retinol either love it or hate it; those who love it swear by its line minimizing effects, skin refinement and exfoliation power. Those who hate it typically say that it causes so much redness, irritation and sensitivity that it’s simply not worth it.

Frankly, you just have to decide based on your skin goals and tolerance whether or not this is an appropriate choice for you but if you do decide to take the plunge; do your research. Not all retinols are created equal, their potency, formulation, and their ability to work in conjunction (not against) the rest of your skincare routine varies greatly based on brand.

My all-time favorite is by Zo Medical’s Retamax, it’s a no joke of a product. It’s a heavy hitter (available only through medical spas and dermatologist offices) with a full 1% retinol and is great for those who want to see results quickly and who have minimal to no skin sensitivities. The rejuvenating action is achieved through a combination of both the retinol and stem cell antioxidants. It restores skin to a lustrous, youthful glow in just a few weeks. Fine lines are virtually erased, and pore size visibly reduced.

The rest of the line is equally as impressive, boasting effective exfoliation, nourishing serums, body products and cleansing masques. This is serious stuff people and with this type of investment you will see results. Products are available for dry skin and sensitive skin types so there’s something for everyone. If your serious about re-vamping your skin this line doesn’t mess around.

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