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Oil Scalp Massage

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Oil Scalp Massage

My hair was crying; it was screaming for a break. Don’t speak hair? Allow me to translate…my hair was not being cooperative, its refused to stay curled, straightening would leave behind weird bends and waves while the color was less than rich and vibrant. I realized that hair bleach and extensions had overstayed their welcome and my hair needed a re-boot to once again function at its best.

What better opportunity for a clean sweep than a vacation, where styling and drying my hair is the least of my concerns. I packed for two whole weeks and did not include any styling tools or extra products, just an ultra-nourishing shampoo and a rich hair mask. I had my extensions removed until I returned. I kissed my 25 inch strands goodbye and left them in the best hands possible (my stylist) until I returned to reconnect with them. I whispered “it’s for the best” as I walked away plain and dejected.

 Once away, I knew I would need to give my hair some serious TLC to continue to ask for its performance and cooperation. This is where oil scalp massages are worth their weight in gold, they are the restorative yoga and whole foods detox of the hair. Every other day, I indulged as warm oil was applied usually; argan or coconut which was infused with an essential oil blend that helps stimulate the scalp. For 60 minutes-yes, a whole hour of bliss it is massaged in circular, calculated motions starting at the temples and working its way through.

To say it feels heavenly is an understatement as this nerve packed area of the body rarely gets the loving touch it deserves. Two weeks of this plus avoidance of chloride, hard water and hot styling tools left me with hair that was in much better shape than when I arrived. Did it totally transform my hair into Daenaryus long tresses? No, of course not, frankly I don’t think it had an effect on direct hair growth per se, however what it did do is clean my scalp of excess residue, improve circulation, help ease stress and put a stop to new hair breakage while repairing what it could. I’d say time well spent.

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Opal is a small business owner with a background in Psychology, Clinical Sexuality, Holistic Health Sciences and is a Certified Reiki Practitioner. She is a Mom of four young children including a set of twins and is a self-proclaimed foodie, health-spa enthusiast and beauty junkie.