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Top Pick: Elemis, Luxury Skincare

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Top Pick: Elemis, Luxury Skincare


            I hadn’t paid much attention to Elemis until fairly recently, the monochromatic packaging, and no-frills products were never on my eye candy radar. That all changed thanks to Steiner Leisure and my old lady habit of taking cruises every chance I get. Let me back up a sec and give you the backstory…I love to cruise, something about the cheesiness of it all is very comforting, and I’ve been racking up nautical miles with almost every major cruise line. While on these cruises I spend the vast majority of my time at their spa (ok, at their buffet too but let’s focus here.) Almost every cruise line’s spa is run by a third party, the most common and in my opinion the best is a company called Steiner Leisure. Steiner provides spa services and licensed therapists aboard cruise ships and while affiliated with a few different skincare lines one of the most popular is Elemis. Elemis is Britain’s #1 luxury skincare brand and with a country that brings us faves like No.7, Boots, Burberry Beauty and Jo Malone; having a coveted skincare line is no small feat. I started using this luxury skincare line and fell in love immediately. Here’s some of my favorite products and why I love it:

  • Cellutox Herbal Bath Synergy (not pictured) – I need to re-stock this must have detox fundamental. Helps with cellulite (yes, really) and flushes out toxins all by just soaking in a warm bath. Hey, keeping it right and tight requires a multi-faceted approach.


  • Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend- There’s good smelling spa products and then there’s OMFG what is that divine scent??? I was sold on this product when my 4-year-old son who is blissfully unaware of what day of the week it is stopped mid-play to tell me I smelled like a flower. Awww!


  • Balancing Lavender Toner- The best, all around facial toner I’ve ever used. Gentle yet powerful, this nature infused toner leaves my skin clean and glowing in one swipe.


  • Elemis Men Time Difference Eye Reviver- I had all but given up on getting my husband started on a skincare routine past using Dove soap in a haphazard manner. Literally the only product he has ever used consistently is this eye cream; he likes the way it feels and says he can see it making a difference…enough said.

To learn more about Elemis Products or about the Steiner Leisure Company Click here:

*No products or compensation were received in exchange for this review. All opinions our own. 

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