Soupure…because souping is the new juicing

Soupure…because souping is the new juicing

Soupure…because souping is the new juicing


            You know I love me a good cleanse; whether its to detox, jump start a weight loss program or just to reset my system- the benefits of a cleanse are effective and immediate; making it one of my tried and true wellness secrets. I’ve previously covered 1-3-day juice cleanses and while I still achieved good results I had stepped away from the juicing scene lately because the sugar and carb content just didn’t mesh with my newfound love of high protein and low-sugar in my diet. Doing some research about bone broths I came across a local shop specializing in artfully crafted soups, soups that form the basis of…get this…soup cleanses lasting 3-5 days that deliver all the benefits of a traditional juice detox in a new, innovative way. Mind blown! I reached out to Soupure and after looking over their options I opted to try a 3-day cleanse to see how it compared to a juice cleanse. Here’s my honest experience:


Day 1- My soups arrived overnight still nicely chilled and in perfectly portioned bottles. All beautifully vibrant, it was an array of consommés, bone broths, hearty soups, light soups, nut milk-based smoothie type soups and even freshly crafted alkaline waters. Enclosed was a guide with suggestions on when to consume each bottle each day. It did suggest that you begin each morning with some warm lemon water before you begin which is already a routine of mine, so I loved that we were on the same page. My first soup of the day was a beef bone broth; that was of course, made in house and unlike any canned or commercially prepared broth you’ve ever tried. Savory, yet light- the richness of the delectable broth left me licking the last drop out of my mug. Throughout the rest of the day I tried a perfectly seasoned vegetable broth, a refreshing cucumber basil alkaline water (that only had 10 calories yet tasted like a fruit-spiked special treat) an ultra-satisfying strawberry cashew smoothie/soup that was filling and delicious, a Mediterranean lentil soup with perfectly sized portions of veggies throughout, a nourishing zucchini basil soup that was richly seasoned and refreshing and finally a carrot, ginger & turmeric pureed soup that was out of this world delicious. At the end of day 1 I felt super satisfied, de-bloated and didn’t feel like I was on a cleanse at all. They do mention that if you need to add some snacks to include raw nuts or fresh veggies, but I did not feel deprived whatsoever.

Day 2- When I woke up, I felt a clarity that I hadn’t felt in a few months. I felt energized and ready to start the day, a far departure from my usual AM grogginess. My soup routine followed suit like day one with some favorites included like the strawberry cashew and alkaline waters but with a different variety of soups and broths. The star of the day was a lemongrass infused broth that hit the spot after a long day at work and had me craving more just for that bright, citrusy taste that I absolutely love. I had my emergency snacks ready and while I noshed on some raw celery it was more so out of habit and hearing that satisfying crunch sound as I once again felt nice and full after every mini meal and even contemplated skipping my last soup of the day as I was perfectly content. I did just that- and I opted instead for an herbal tea but saved that soup for later in the week once my cleanse was over (it got the royal treatment as it was accompanied by a side of crusty, homemade sourdough, yum!)

Day 3- Ok, people are noticing- both my husband and my friend commented on how slimmer my face looked- a byproduct of the effective de-bloating from the influx of phytonutrients and whole foods. I worked out on day 1 and today and let me tell you…I had stamina like I hadn’t felt in a while. I would sometimes experience nausea if I pushed myself at the gym without having a decent meal prior and completely avoided workouts if on a juice cleanse because I didn’t feel I had enough calories to sustain intense physical activity. This is why a soup cleanse is a game changer because its whole food nutrition packaged up so nicely that anyone can make this work- no matter how busy or pressed for time. Notable mention of the day goes to my lentil soup, I remember feeling famished after a long commute and wanted to dive headfirst into something extra indulgent. Ok, so lentils and veggies doesn’t sound like the typical special treat but when you feel light and amazing and finally on the right track you don’t feel like derailing your efforts. I slow simmered this hearty bowl and prettied it up by topping it with fresh herbs and a side of roasted veggies.  Divine!


At the end of my cleanse I had lost 4 pounds, my tummy was flatter, and I most importantly had kicked whatever was left of my sugar and carb cravings so making healthier decisions became second nature. Trust me, after three days of natural, whole food nutrition loaded with fiber and vitamins you are not going to dive headfirst into a gallon of ice cream- your body has been reset and it is the small change that ultimately leads to better wellness. If you are in the Los Angeles area stop by Soupure and see what makes this new approach to cleansing both innovative and delectable and yes, they can modify their traditional cleanse if you are vegan. Not in SoCal? They ship too! Check them out at:



*No compensation or free products were received on exchange for this review. All opinions our own.



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