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LASHFOOD…feed your lashes to their potential

LASHFOOD…feed your lashes to their potential

It’s not enough to just doll up your eyes and hope for the best. You’ll get away with it initially but time will catch up and it starts to become an uphill battle to get the same level of oomph from mascara alone. You really have to hit the issue of luscious lashes from all angles-primers, plumpers, great mascara, extensions…I’m all for it; but ultimately you need a solid foundation for long-term lash care.

The health of your lashes has traditionally been neglected which is why I was stoked when the LASHFOOD company hit the scene a few years ago and many companies followed suit. We are a society focused on lashes, the bigger the better and we utilize tons of products to give it that appearance. That’s just it though…it’s the appearance we focus on, we really should be focused on that AND the actual condition of our natural lash.

LASHOOD started with a serum, applied like a fine liquid liner; it’s applied at night to help nourish and lengthen the lashes naturally. They now offer mascara, primer, liquid liner and a host of brow products to help with the integrity of the lashes and brows so we can be proactive against the effects of time. I use their mascara on casual days when I’m looking for a more natural look, while I regularly use their serum and have noticed my lashes have remained thick, long and can withstand the onslaught of lash glue that I regularly put them through. I love the marriage of health and beauty and LASHFOOD embodies that philosophy perfectly.

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