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KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee: A Review

coffee, cold brew, caffeine, KonaRed

                Like most 30-something’s I am always looking for a way to over-caffeinate as quickly as possible with the least detriment to my waistline. Enter KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee; this find came to me at the LA Fitness Expo and with its minimal ingredient list and low-calorie count I can see why this would be a clean(er) alternative to most highly sweetened cold brew coffees on the market. While coffee doesn’t typically come to mind when eating clean this brand is a good middle ground while providing a smooth, 100% Kona coffee brew with cane sugar and Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract.

                Health food this is not but between the canned favored lattes littering the convenience store’s fridge’s this is hands down a major improvement. Would I have preferred it contain zero sugar or some other sweetener with a lower glycemic index…yes, but as it is it’s a lot less sweet than most bottled coffee drinks and I get that they had to appeal to the masses and America’s sweet tooth. The hint of Vanilla on the other hand; exceptional…super smooth and silky with a lingering finish; yum!

                Never heard of its star ingredient; Hawaiian Coffee Fruit Extract? Me either so I did a little research and as it turns out this extract outperforms Green Coffee Extract exceptionally well by providing a host of anti-oxidants. This ingredient is touted as a great supplement for protecting the body from environmental pollutants; so maybe there on to something here…fueling your standard coffee into something better while providing great taste and the pick-me-up you crave. Sign me up!

Check out their current selection of cold brews here:coffee, cold brew, caffeine, KonaRed

coffee, cold brew, caffeine, KonaRed

coffee, cold brew, caffeine, KonaRed

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