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Brazilian Blowout: Before & After

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Brazilian Blowout: Before & After


            Straight vs. curly; blonde vs. brunette; long vs. short…the great hair debate never seems to end. While massive New Jersey volume seems to be my look as of late, I’ve been re-considering an old favorite- The Brazilian Blowout; and here’s the scoop:

  • Unlike old school Japanese straightening methods that are hardcore and potentially damaging, this provides a middle ground; more effective than at home methods but gentler than traditional methods; leaving no line of demarcation with regrowth.
  • It lasts about 12 weeks according to their website but that just depends on your hair growth; still expect at least two months of less drying time and less frizz.
  • It’s good for your hair since it coats each strand with a protein-based layer and seals the cuticle, which in turn seals in moisture and produces major shine.
  • Price wise it depends on products used and stylist experience; but I’ve seen it range from $75 to upwards of $300. The original and most sought after; according to my stylist friends is the Original Brazilian Blowout brand but other less expensive products exist on the market that perform fairly well.
  • The REAL results- based on my own experience it does make a remarkable difference in drying time and keeps natural frizz at bay. However, with my wavy locks I don’t end up with stick straight hair by simply air drying so be realistic about what to expect and you’ll be happy.

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