Want A Great Core Workout? Try The Glimpse Bar

Want A Great Core Workout? Try The Glimpse Bar

I love discovering and especially testing out new fitness equipment. I especially love it when they are built to make us stronger and more coordinated. The ActivMotion Glimpse Bar is unlike regular weighed bars that you may have used in fitness classes in the past. This particular 4 feet and 4.5-pound bars have ball bearings inside that you can actually see. These balls force you to have a mind and body connection during certain exercise movements.  You have to stabilize the bar and try and keep those balls centered during some of your exercise movement. This is what engages your core and mental connection. Now, I know that this may sound easy for some of you but trust me, it is not. You genuinely have to concentrate in keeping those three white balls centered during some of your movement. This alone entails great stability and coordination. 

I was at first agitated because it was a bit difficult for me to use it properly. But once I saw the instructional videos it became easier with time. It took some experimenting with hand position and body placement.  And then it clicks, and you just realized what this bar can actually do for your body. The more I used the bar during certain exercise moves, the stronger my core became.  I also became more focused on muscle movement during each exercise. This bar increased my stamina, balance and overall body movement. Now, I love incorporating my ActivMotion Glimpse Bar into my exercise routines. 🙂  

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ActivMotion provided Inner Bombshell with   ActivMotion Glimpse Bar for review purposes. All reviews are our own. Clicking on the link above will redirect you.  

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