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The Fire & Ice Facial

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The Fire & Ice Facial

            My complexion needed a little extra love recently, it was dull, lackluster, oily in some areas while dry as a desert in others. I knew I wanted a facial; but would plain old steaming and cleansing do the trick? No, I needed something more, something a little more…assertive. I also wasn’t ready to commit to swelling, redness and any downtime and I found just what I was looking for with the Fire & Ice Facial.

            This Yin and Yang concept starts out as any facial; steaming, cleansing, extractions etc. but what sets this treatment apart is its unique hot and cold treatment components that elevates the lowly facial to that of a mild chemical peel.  You see, the heat potion, which happens sometime after cleansing is a low-grade glycolic acid mask, just enough “heat” to feel a slightly uncomfortable warmness that dissipates fairly quickly. This lighting fast chemical peel exfoliates at a deeper level than with manual techniques but not enough to cause long term redness or irritation.

            The ice portion typically happens after extractions in the form of a luxurious cooling mask. This mask soothes the skin, hydrates and protects and adds a nice finish to the whole experience.Designed to leave you with a glamorous glow in just one treatment I’ve also heard this go by the name “Red Carpet Facial” as it reportedly is a favorite of many celebs before they hit the red carpet. Regardless of your reason, if you need a facial treatment that is gentle yet powerful than the Fire & Ice is a great option. Also, If you are considering a chemical peel, you may want to err on the side of caution and try this approach first; you may decide the results are enough or at the very least you get a small sample of the “burn” so you know what to expect.

Coolest device ever!

The exfoliation is enhanced by this micro-current device.
The Ice component is soothing and refreshing!
The Fire component leaves you with a slight warming sensation.


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