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NaturGreen – 100% Plant-Based Deliciousness

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Sometimes from doing a little research, a gem could be found. I recently discovered a delicious dessert from a Spaniard company named NaturGreen. Although NaturGreen is new to me, they have been in business for over 25 years. They were pioneers in the Spanish markets for introducing 100% plant-based milks made from soy, rice, and oats. They also introduced “the first dairy-free drink sweetened with agave syrup in Europe.” 

NaturGreen is also adament about providing its customers with organic and high quality products. They don’t use GMO’s, chemical fertilizers nor pesticides. They also offer a wide range of products that are gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and low in salt.

Although NaturGreen offers a variety of products ranging from plant-based milks, olives, soups, tahini, juices and more. I had the pleasure of testing out a variety of their pudding selections.

  • Almond Non-Dairy Pudding Vanilla – This was a very light dessert. It wasn’t thick like the usual puddings you see at the grocery store. The vanilla taste was slight but delicious. Definitely a very light and refreshing dessert choice.
  • Almond Non-Dairy Pudding Cocoa – The cocoa flavor was very good. I liked it better than the vanilla but I always choose chocolate over vanilla. The consistency and taste were exactly the same and it was equally delicious.
  • Coconut Non-Dairy Pudding Pineapple – I was a little apprehensive about trying this one out because I LOVE coconut water and the coconut meat but I just don’t like coconut creamer, milk or desserts. So, I went into this tasting with a negative mind frame. This one definitely took me by surprise. The consistency was much thicker than the almond puddings but it was also really good. It had that island taste to it. I almost felt like I was at a beach in Hawaii enjoying a delicious dessert. I have to say it was really good!!
  • Coconut Non-Dairy Pudding Cocoa – This was my winner. I never thought I would choose coconut over almond but this pudding won me over. It was thick, chocolatey and delicious! This was definitely my favorite one.

I was really impressed with all four selections of NaturGreen puddings. And it also passed the kid test. I gave all four selections to my daughters (8, 6 & 4 year olds) and they all loved them. My oldest chose vanilla as her favorite, my 6-year-old chose coconut chocolate and my little one chose the chocolate almond pudding. As you can see, this pudding is loved by adult and child alike. Give it a try and taste clean ingredients and pure goodness.

Vegan Pudding From Spain. Natur Green

Vegan Pudding From Spain. Natur Green

For more information about their 100% plant-based products, check out NaturGreen.

NaturGreen provided Inner Bombshell with samples for our honest review of their products. All opinions are our own. Clicking on the link, will redirect to the brand’s site.

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