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The Anastasia Brow

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The Anastasia Brow

I oftentimes have trouble with my brows, they start off great with a meticulous waxing leaving them thick and with a high arch but most days it’s not enough. I suffer from “heavy-handed” syndrome and what starts out as light, feathery strokes resembles chola from El Monte within a few seconds. My technique needs help; no doubt about that but what gives me hope is that through trial and error I’ve discovered the quintessential brow brand that can help just about anyone.

Enter Anastasia Beverly Hills; the undisputed brow queen; whose collection of liners and pomades and gels and powders will solve almost all your brow dilemmas in record time. What initially impressed me about this brand was their color formulations. For years, I wondered why a blonde labeled eyebrow pencil would be almost just as dark as a brunette shade, it made no sense to me, but trust me that’s not the case with this brand.

Anastasia’s shade selection goes beyond brunette or blonde, there’s auburn, soft brown, medium brown, taupe, caramel, chocolate…there’s a shade for every tone of hair as well as complexion so that you achieve the holy grail of brows; that is naturally defined brows that shape but never overwhelm your face. Depending on your familiarity and investment in makeup application you can choose from their uber-easy brow wiz (a thin, self-sharpening pencil with the most amazing consistency that mimics the look of natural brows) or something more defining, such as their dipbrow pomade that requires some skill but delivers major payoff.

Whatever you chose just know that novices will benefit greatly from making their first purchase at a counter or in person at a Sephora for instance. It can be a little overwhelming but I assure you, once you see yourself with polished brows that beautifully frame your face, you’ll feel totally naked without it.  

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