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Utama Spice – A Vacation For Your Senses.

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I always get excited when I run across companies that offer 100 % pure essential oils. From the moment I researched Utama Spice, I knew that they would not disappoint. This company offers so many products and in the coming weeks I will review and let you know about some really awesome ones. For today, I will focus on their essential oils specifically their Nature’s Aid set.

From the moment I unwrapped their box, the scents just simmered through the box. A beautiful display showcasing five amazing oils; Patchouli, Ginger, Mint, Tea Tree and Lavender. I also loved how the package contained information regarding each oil. It showed an essential oil chart, uses for essential oils and an essential oil safety guide. This is the first time any brand has provided so much information about oils and I was definitely impressed.

Although there are many uses for essential oils, I solely used these for diffusion purposes. I also used them at the gym inside the sauna. I placed a few drops of my selected essential oil in a cotton ball and periodically inhaled it. It helped me relax and calm my nervous system. I tested each oil and they all smelled incredible.

Utama Spice also offers two additional sets of essential oils:

Perfect Balance: Contains 5 oils that unlock the body and mind:

  • Clearing Essential Oil Blend 5ml
  • Focus Essential Oil Blend 5ml
  • Pure Energy Essential Oil Blend 5ml
  • Bliss Essential Oil Blend 5ml
  • Deep Calming Essential Oil Blend 5ml

Revival:  Contains 5 oils that restore and rejuvenate the body and mind:

  • Origanum Essential Oil 5ml
  • Cajeput Essential Oil 5ml
  • Frankincense Essential Oil 5ml
  • Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil 5ml
  • Clove Essential Oil 5ml

I can go on and on about these oils but the best thing is for you to give them a try personally.

You can also find them at Amazon:

Inner Bombshell was provided a Nature’s Aid oil set for review purposes only. All opinions are our own. Clicking on the links above will redirect you.

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