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Bikini Body Ready with UltraSlim

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Bikini Body Ready with UltraSlim

            Baby it’s cold outside but before you know it bikini season will be here once again. Yes, we diet and exercise and try one thing after another promising real results only to be really disappointed. I wanted to jump start my summer goals and start working on my body now so while sticking to a clean diet, high water intake and regularly exercising I was thrilled when I found out about this innovative treatment to help further my results and motivate me even more.  

            What is UltraSlim? Basically it’s a researched backed, one-of-a-kind LED light treatment that is administered by a trained technician. Not to worry though, as it is completely painless and requires no downtime whatsoever. To simplify the science behind how it works it utilizes specially designed LED energy to stimulate and shrink subcutaneous fat by opening up the fat cells and allowing the contents to be released for immediate and noticeable results.

            The whole process takes a couple hours and offers visible results with the very first treatment although an average of 6-12 sessions is recommended to maximize results and help contour stubborn areas. I was able to try an UltraSlim treatment at Body Contourz in Studio City- here’s my honest rundown of the entire process as well as my results.

            I visited Body Contourz in Studio City, Ca. on a Friday morning. Easy to find and with convenient garage parking; I arrived a few minutes early and was greeted by a helpful receptionist who presented me with my standard consent forms while I waited in their comfortable waiting area. Judit, my technician greeted me and sat down for a thorough assessment of my weight goals, current diet, areas of concern and so forth- to ensure I’d be a good candidate for the procedure. While this treatment is considered exceptionally low risk; the initial consult is not so much for risk assessment as it is to provide guidance and understanding of how the procedure works. Price wise it’s incredibly affordable compared to traditional fat loss methods such as liposuction or surgical procedures. Like most things that aid us in better living this technology can only get us so far and we have to help the process along by implementing healthy habits and temporarily abstaining from detrimental factors such as alcohol consumption in order to experience the best results. Once agreed and understood my treatment was underway.

            I was led to a large, well-lit room where I changed into a disposable undergarment and began the process of body measurements. Judit was meticulous with her measurements oftentimes double checking her accuracy as she wanted me to have a clear snapshot of my before and after stats. I was then told to lie down while the large, LED panel was carefully positioned on my first treatment area which was my abdomen and upper thighs.

            Once the lights went on for 8-minute segments I felt nothing except a slight, soothing warmth and was checked on repeatedly by my tech to ensure I was comfortable and understood the process each step of the way. I then laid on each side and finally my stomach so that at the end of my total treatment I was able to benefit from reduction in my abdomen, upper thighs (all around), my lower back (to help achieve that hourglass look), both arms, the stubborn “back fat” area as well as the added bonus of sculpting around my jawline.

            Once finished we re-measured just as accurately as before and I was thrilled to see an almost 4-inch overall loss in less than an hour! I felt a slight lightness and firmness to my body that while subtle motivated me to keep these results going by sticking to the suggested whole foods diet and bumping up my water intake. I felt like I had jumpstarted my weight loss efforts and was excited to keep the momentum going because I felt amazing. My treatment ended with 10-minutes on a vibration plate to rev-up my circulation and help to flush out that newly released excess fat. I wrapped up my visit with one final Q&A to ensure I had all the follow up info I needed and left with a lightness I hadn’t felt in a while.

            My tangible results in inch loss speak for themselves and if this is what I can expect from one treatment I can’t imagine what kind of incredible results I’d experience after a series of 6 or more. Like most weight loss treatments this is not a magical wand that will undo years of overeating and poor food choices; it is however a valuable step in the right direction of detoxing your body and enhancing your healthy efforts in a non-invasive, very effective way. If your weight loss journey could use a boost, I definitely recommend you give UltraSlim a try an if you’re in Southern California check out Body Contourz Studio where you’ll find an array of proven approaches for lasting weight loss and longevity.

Read more about the innovative technology of UltraSlim here:

For pricing, availability or to book to a complimentary consultation visit: or call: 818-213-2576- As special bonus mention #InnerBombshellNewYearNewYou! to unlock a special Body Contourz Ultraslim offer– 60%off 1st Treatment (A $200.00 Value)

*No compensation was received in exchange for this review. A trial treatment was offered in exchange for an honest testimonial. All opinions our own, not a substitute for medical advice.

Loved their waiting room 🙂

Well-lit, spacious treatment room

UltraSlim LED Device

Before measurements

Treatment of abdominal area and upper thigh

No pain whatsoever!

Large treatment area reduces time for fast results

halfway into first section (approx 4 minutes)

No downtime!

Lower back and thigh area

Getting that hourglass figure 🙂

Unbelievable results after just ONE treatment
All finished in just under an hour!
Be a fox this summer with UltraSlim

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