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The Highlight of my Week: Charlotte Tilbury

The Highlight of my Week: Charlotte Tilbury

I literally cannot walk past a Charlotte Tilbury counter without dropping serious cash and when I saw the twinkling lights unveiling her name, all bets were off. While I stocked up on my lip faves I ventured out into highlighters and eyeshadow palettes and I have not been the same since. These are my new top beauty picks:

Hollywood Beauty Light Wand- Initially, I was a bit intimidated as I am the powder queen since liquids scare me but this innovative soft sponge applicator atop this gilded tube proved to me that blending the perfect highlight was easier than ever. The ethereal gleam that it produces is nothing short of spectacular and very user friendly…score!

Filmstar Bronze and Glow – A softer version of the product above but in a powder version that sculpts, defines, warms, contours and highlights. The powder is silky soft with the right amount of pigment that is neither too shiny nor bronzy. A beauty bag staple, perfect for every day.

Limited Edition Instant Eye Palette- One of the most flattering selection of shades you’ll ever find. Cream, nude, smoke…this one has it all with a velvety finish and knock-out staying power. If your look is glamorous bombshell; look no further. The packaging…ooohhh the packaging its truly an indulgence for the eyes. 

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