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Every Woman Deserves Some Chanel

Every Woman Deserves Some Chanel

            Did you know that researchers have linked smell to some of our strongest emotional responses? It’s true, a whiff of this and a sniff of that can send our psyche into the recesses of our brains and pull out the happiest (or the saddest) memories we have. I personally know a woman who can’t stand the smell of Chanel No. 5 not because it isn’t beautifully created but because she used to wear it in her 20’s which also happens to coincide with a horrible marriage, thus sending her 60-year-old self right back to those long but forgotten, tumultuous days of her youth. 

            Poison, by Christian Dior is very invasive and in your face but still brings a smile to my face because it was (and still is) my Mom’s signature and therefore the intensity is muted to that of a warm (albeit firm) hug from her. Jumping back to house Chanel, despite the sad story I opened with; I personally have quite a lovely connection with the fragrance and while the strong floral top notes are not usually by go-to I cannot deny that even the packaging of COCO Mademoiselle brings a smile to my face.

            House Chanel carries so much weight, much more than just a financially successful empire; the brand itself is built on the perseverance and vision of one ultra-amazing woman who was slaying at life and winning at the boy’s club long before it became acceptable.  If you have little knowledge of Ms. Chanel herself, I urge you to read a book about her; because even though we have feisty and resourceful women to look up to today- Ms. Chanel was in a whole different league.

            Back to COCO Mademoiselle; it has become the only fragrance my husband ever gifts me and it began years ago when we were dating. The sentimental value alone has curated the fragrance to become of my nearest and dearest; however, when asked why of all the fragrances he chose that wait to find particular one for me he answered; “it smelled like you.” With that simple gesture he unknowingly created a small legacy which is now ingrained into me and will subsequently be passed onto my daughter. Will my baby girl be a Mademoiselle or is she more of a Dior Miss Dior, Chanel Chance or Marc Jacobs Daisy? I can’t wait to find out.

Iconic and captivating.

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Opal is a small business owner with a background in Psychology, Clinical Sexuality, Holistic Health Sciences and is a Certified Reiki Practitioner. She is a Mom of four young children including a set of twins and is a self-proclaimed foodie, health-spa enthusiast and beauty junkie.