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The Search for Smooth

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The Search for Smooth

            If I had to compare the beauty/fashion industry to Game of Thrones; certain cast members would come to mind as ideal for specific positions within the industry. For example; is Cersei not the Game of Thrones Version of Anna Wintour? Not to Say Ms. Wintour is a murderous, incestuous mad-woman but her persona as tough-as-nails while being timelessly chic is certainly where the comparisons lies. What about Sansa Stark? Oh, that girl’s story mirrors the trials and tribulations of making it as a runway model. One minute she’s living in a psychological hell while forcing to grin and bear it at public events only to become older, wiser and stronger with time and eventually head up an ultra-trendy, up-and-coming house of style.

There’s only one position in the beauty industry that fits the bill for Ramsay Bolton, a position so utilized, yet underappreciated that only someone with nerves of steel and a black heart (jk) could possibly endure. I’m talking about Brazilian Waxing…and those who perform it are the invariable Ramsay Bolton’s of the industry. Here’s why…. you place your victims (er, I mean clients) in a quiet, small room, in a very vulnerable position completely naked from the waist down and ask them to spread like lotus flower; exposing their most sensitive parts to the harsh glare of fluorescents. You then waltz in with your charming persona, your sweet nature and calming voice; prompting your client to relax and enjoy and thank them for coming in to see them.

As you begin to relax and let your guard down a bit of baby powder is sprinkled on your neither regions- a nostalgic throwback to the innocence of infancy; followed by the application of the warmest, thickest most wonderful wax application…creating a false sensation of being coddled and cocooned. It’s comforting, its relaxing, its soothing so then as soon as you are lulled into a false sense of security your pubic hair is viciously yanked from the root at lighting speed; feeling like the equivalent of an unwarranted bitch slap against your labia. The torture doesn’t end quickly, having now applied the wax allover there’s only one way to remove it…the anticipation of the pull and the look of horror on the client’s face is sure to satisfy the most sadist inclination of Ramsey Bolton. Just when you think its over they flip you around and ask you to get on all fours and let me tell you; if you haven’t felt the horror that is hot wax on your asshole and then ripped out in one fell swoop you haven’t quite lived on the edge. Once over, you sheepishly get dressed…red, raw and aching only to come back in 6-8 weeks for more fun and games; should I just change my name to Reek now?  

*While the above is satirical I absolutely believe that a good Brazilian Wax is essential and I only trust one lady to do the job for me. Her name is Cindy, she owns the renowned waxing mecca known as Pink Cheeks in Sherman Oaks, Ca. prominently featured in movies and television, this lady is the quintessential waxing guru; utilizing a one-of-a-kind technique that leaves the smoothest result, and most comfortable (if there is such a thing) service. Her high-quality wax blend plus years of experience makes the task much more bearable. What really keeps me going back is her beautiful personality and easy to talk to vibe. I’ve shared many personal stories with her in that wax room, we’ve laughed we’ve cried and I’ve always left beautifully smooth. Thank you, Cindy, for years of the best wax a girl could possibly ask for and for being such a doll!

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Cindy and I at Pink Cheeks, Sherman Oaks
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