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Post Workout Protein Pick: Isopure Zero Carb

Post Workout Protein Pick: Isopure Zero Carb


            Back in the day when I used to work out regularly and vigorously I dreaded the post workout protein nosh because that last thing I wanted was a milky, chalky cookies n’ cream abomination after my grueling sweat sesh. This is why, when I discovered Isopure Zero Carb it was a game changer for me. First off, it looks nothing like the ready to drink Tetra-Pak shakes we’re used to. It’s a large, glass bottle filled with clear, yes clear liquid in less overzealous flavors (Red Velvet Birthday cake, really?) like Passion Fruit, Mango Peach and Blue Raspberry. The texture is smooth, silky and dare I say actually sort of refreshing; much easier to stomach in 110-degree summer heat.

            There’s some impressive stats behind this simple looking formula, like 40 grams of 100% pure whey protein isolate (well, damn) you could easily drink half and save the other half for later. Served well chilled the Coconut flavor, my absolute favorite literally tastes like refreshing coconut water and is much more diet friendly for those counting points (wink, wink.) How does this formulation get so clear? Unlike most other whey protein drinks this one is micro filtered, creating the completely clear pure milk protein without any lactose. The bottom line is this post workout recovery protein checks all the boxes- it tastes great, it’s not heavy, its low in calories, no sugar, no carbs, and provides more than the average amount of protein per serving. This is my overall winner in the protein game.

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