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The Facial Chronicles Part 5: Facial Massage

The Facial Chronicles Part 5: Facial Massage


Expanding your facial routine to include massage is not overly sought. I admit, I was skeptical as my years of “light, upward strokes and ring-finger patting” made the idea of a vigorous facial massage less than appealing. After being assured they only massage using an upward stroke, conscientious of not damaging the skin or jeopardizing elasticity, I went for it, as the face is very much a complex muscle system and could use some tension release just like any other body part.

The facial started much like any other, steaming, a mask, extractions etc. Instead of a light application of moisturizer to finish it up; a serum was applied area by area and used to facilitate the massage. The strokes were light to medium, with a constant pressure and occasional tapping and or deep compression to relive tension and smooth the skin. The gradual warmth that was created helped melt the serum into my skin and as my skin absorbed the serum she moved on to the next area.

The whole process was relaxing and refreshing, and I quickly let go of my squeamishness surrounding my face being touched to allow for the transformation to happen. I literally had a glow…forced upon my cheeks from the literal manipulation, but still I was definitely glowing. I’ve long said that any area neglected to pampering via massage is quick to benefit from the right technique; this is no exception. I can see how over time, when done carefully this type of treatment could help with muscle tone, circulation aka natural rosiness and amp up the retention of topical skincare. Not usually offered as a part of a facial, but when done professionally this is one upgrade you just might love.  

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