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Perimenopause, The Untold Story!

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Aging really sucks guys. I know, I know I’ve heard it all before…women are like wine, they get better with time. With age comes wisdom. An older woman knows exactly what she wants. All that may be true but the reality is that aging does suck. That is why plastic surgery and anti-aging skincare are a billion-dollar industry.

No one wants their skin to sag! No one wants an excessive lack of collagen production. Hair falling off, brittle nails, loss of sex drive. These are all symptoms of aging! We have to work harder at the gym to keep our bodies firm. We eat less, exercise more but still gain weight…in places we don’t want excess fat! 

Who is this morphe staring back at me? I don’t know her! I mean I feel great inside but why is there an imposter in my body? I wanted to be frank with you. Not because I want you to go into utter depression but rather to forwarn you of what is yet to come. Sometimes we just need to be brutally honest with each other so that we can grow stronger and more aware of what lays ahead. 

For instance, when I had children there was so much no one ever told me. Like, “be careful when you do jumping jacks or any kind of jump after childbirth because you will pee all over yourself.” Or that your boobs will start leaking at the sound of ANY baby crying. Not one friend, not one mother warned me! I had to experience it all on my own.

But why should we not have any warning? I mean we have this sisterhood that we should abide by. Watch out for one and other, expose the dirty little secrets to one and other. We will be better for it in the end.

Like perimenopause. I am not sure if I am experiencing it but Dr. Google says I am. Horrible hot flashes at night when my body is burning up but yet I am cold? Side note, have you seen that episode of Working Moms when she has night sweats? It is hilarious and so true! (You need to watch that show if you haven’t…brutally honest and yet so funny!)

Another crazy symptom, high levels of sensitivity. The dumbest commercial will send you on a frenzy of tears. Old songs…stay clear! You will regress to a time you wish you could do over and start questioning all of your life decisions. And all of these emotions come unannounced. They just pop right in like an unwanted visitor. 

Don’t we have enough to deal with in life? We get our menstrual every month since a very young age. Hormones, emotions, pads, tampons, bloating! Awh! the bloating! Aren’t you bloated three weeks out of every month? And then out of nowhere, it gets worse! 

But don’t fret ladies (easier said than done)! There appears to be a silver lining… According to recent publications, AFTER menopause we will be and feel liberated. No night sweats, periods, emotional imbalances, bloating or procreation. Just pure bliss.  We will finally be free! We will be liberated from the stigma. We will enjoy sex because there will be no room for error. It will be just for pure enjoyment. We will love our bodies and appreciate all it has done for us. We will finally look in the mirror and be the woman we always wanted to be. Confident, beautiful, gracious and powerful. I can’t wait to meet her…in the next 20 to 30 years.

But as for now, I will sit with a glass of wine, tissue paper and watch The Notebook. Because who doesn’t want a good love story? I mean come on. He builds her a house! With an art room! And wrote her a letter, everyday for a whole year! You see….emotional rollercoaster!

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