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Strengthening The Immune System With Persona Nutrition

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Imagine having a company with an experienced Medical Advisory Board and Board Certified Nutritionists creating a vitamin pack specifically for you and your needs. I would like to introduce you to Persona Nutrition who has brought innovation to the way vitamins are created. I discovered Persona Nutrition while doing research for high-quality supplements that were third-party tested for efficacy. I was immediately drawn to Persona Nutrition for their on-demand nutritionist available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. This was a first (for me) in a custom vitamin subscription company. Imagine calling a nutritionist with any concerns without having to pay an extra fee? Unheard of! And these are Board Certified Nutritionist! The second thing I loved about the company was the vast range of herbs, vitamins, and supplements that their 

“5 TRILLION combinations” can create for you.

For those who are intrigued by the process or would like to join this subscription, you start off with a free and very detailed assessment test. The test starts out with simple questions such as name, gender, birthday, weight, height, and email. Then it goes into an in-depth assessment of your fitness, wellness, health, sleep patterns, and overall goals. After taking your assessment test, you immediately receive your personalized recommendations. You have the choice to select all of their recommendations or omit the ones you feel you may not currently need.  After subscribing, your 28-day supply will arrive at your door within a few days and you are ready to go into your new wellness journey.

When I received my package, I was extremely impressed with the packaging and professionals. There was a detailed explanation of each vitamin, herb, and supplement along with the Persona Nutrition company guarantee and nutritionist information and contact. I also loved how the vitamins were separated by AM and PM making it super easy to just open and go. I have now been testing the products for exactly one week and so far so good. As stated by the company, you don’t start feeling any TRUE benefits until you have consecutively taken your personalized vitamins for three months. I will revise this article after my 28-days trial and let you know how it made me feel. 

For those of you that are curious about my personalized recommendations, here is what Persona Nutrition experts recommended after evaluating my answers in the assessment test:


  • Foundational Multi
  • Vegan DHA
  • Turmeric
  • Daily Probiotic
  • Fermented Ginseng
  • Olive Leaf Extract


  • Foundational Multi
  • Garlic
  • Vegan DHA
  • Herbal Rest
  • Melatonin
  • Vegan Vitamin D

If you would like additional information about Persona Nutrition, you can go to

vitamins, supplements, nutrition, herbs, wellness, health, longevity, nutritionist, wellness

Persona Nutrition provided Inner Bombshell with samples for review purposes. All opinions are our own. Clicking on the link above will redirect you to Persona Nutrition.

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