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Hair Troubles? Captain Blankenship To The Rescue

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Summer is coming and we all want those beautiful beach waves and there is one brand that can give them to you au naturel. Captain Blankenship is your mermaid escape where beautiful locks don’t have to suffer the synthetic chemicals from other brands. Captain Blankenship focuses on providing us with products containing “plants and inspired by the natural world. You will find elements of the sea, fields, trees and flowers in every bottle.”

Inner Bombshell tested out two of their renowned hair products: Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray and Mermaid Dry Shampoo:

I have always been afraid of sea salt sprays because my hair is so frail and weak from excessive hair coloring. My fear was that it would make my hair feel like straw but not this product. I sprayed the product on damp hair, tousled and scrunched it around. It actually gave my VERY straight hair somebody.

What I actually loved the most about this product is that it made my hair feel great. My hair felt silky and smelled wonderful. The aloe vera protected the hair from the sea salt and the essential oils provided an amazing scent. I was always afraid of these types of product but Captain Blankenship definitely made me change my mind. I also tried it on my daughter and it looked incredible. See the images below.

Let me start by saying that powder dry shampoo freaks me out. I mean what if you accidentally spill most of the product on your head? Normally, I stay far and clear from these types of product but for our readers, I knew I had to test Mermaid Dry Shampoo out. I used the section that contained 6 smaller holes. Very gently and precisely, I sprinkled the dry shampoo over my head. I hadn’t washed my hair for two days and it definitely needed some refreshing. Then I massaged the product on my scalp to absorb the oils and then blow dry any excess.

The experience wasn’t as bad as I had envisioned.

I loved the rose smell that it left on my head (my daughters said I smelled like a garden of roses). This was overall a very pleasant experience and I will definitely use this product again. I really loved how it didn’t leave that toxic spray smell/chemicals that normally linger after. My daughter’s lungs are safe and my hair looked great. What more can you ask of a product?!

I see why Captain Blankenship has such a devoted following. Their products contain amazing ingredients and have products to nourish your skin, body, and hair. If you would like additional information or want to purchase a product, go to

Captain Blankenship provided Inner Bombshell with products for review purposes. All opinions are our own. Clicking on the link above will redirect you to their site.

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