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Hemp for the Win

Hemp for the Win

            As a holistic practitioner I know my way around natural stress relievers like nourishing Kava Kava, relaxing Magnesium supplements and my beloved Hemp products that deliver all the soul-soothing you need in the most natural way possible. Hemp products or CBD infused goodies have been around for ages but just recently became so mainstream that they no longer carry the stigma once attached to anything remotely related to marijuana. As most of you know, but it deserves a repeat hemp/CBD products do not create the “high” associated with marijuana. That component is the THC which serves its purpose (Lord, does it ever) but there’s a slew of amazing benefits from its non-mind altering hemp.   

            Using Hemp infused products have a host of benefits when applied both topically and taken internally. I often gravitate towards products using Hemp extract as it’s a great way to get whole food, plant nutrition. I had the opportunity to try out a new line of Hemp infused teas that take all the goodness of CBD and refreshing tea for a clean, healthy way to nourish and support wellness. Aptly named Chill, these teas are made to be enjoyed cold and come in four delicious flavors- I tried them all and was “wowed” by their taste, ingredients and most of all their subtle, relaxing components.

            Their Lemon Black Tea is the traditional, no frills classic iced tea. Served best over ice with a slice of lemon this bottle contains 30 mg of full spectrum hemp. This is not enough to make anyone toasty but definitely enough to provide a stress busting mid-day pick me up with its natural caffeine content. Their Jasmine Green Tea was another fav boasting plenty of antioxidants via the organic, high quality tea along with detoxification benefits galore. Passion Fruit Tea is the quintessential “tropical tea” made famous by those chic lunch spots where us housewives used to mingle (pre-Covid-19) with our gals. It’s refreshing, light and perfect topped with a splash of seltzer and a sprig of mint. Lastly, my hands down favorite- their Honey Rose Tea is femininity in a bottle with a gorgeous rich purple bottle design and fragrant Rose extract that seduces the senses while it soothes your body. Simply perfection!

            Bottom line, don’t fear the Hemp, embrace its natural benefits that promote calm, provide a good source of flavonoids, fatty acids and produce a light yet noticeable relaxation to help your mind wind down. Chill Teas are available now in select retailers and soon to be available online. Learn more at: and follow them on the gram @chillcbdtea

Their delicious flavor options

With my favorite flavor….Honey Rose
No, I didn’t give him any…he’s just here because he’s freaking adorbs

*Chill provided complementary samples for evaluation purposes only. No compensation was received in exchange for our honest review. Health information contained here is no substitute for medical advice.

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