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Saggy Butt?

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OMG! I said it…that horrible phrase that we all dread a “Saggy Butt.” It’s actually funny because I don’t have to further explain anything about that phrase, we all know what it means. It is our worst nightmare and it’s what usually happens as we age or lose weight. But can it be avoided? Yes and No.

Let’s talk about the reality of why it happens. As many of you might have known or maybe not, the Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle in our body. It has the hard job of keeping our trunk in an “erect” or straight position. But unfortunately, most of us live in a sedentary lifestyle and don’t get to really use our gluteus as much as we should. We prefer the elevator to the stairs. We park close to door openings rather than choosing to walk a little more.

And with this quarantine and the endless gained weight…it’s no wonder our butts look droopy and sad.

Usually, when we see those beautiful, tight, and round butts it means one of two things. They either paid for it OR work damn hard to get it. Your gluteus muscles (medius, maximus, and minimus) are very hard to train and built but when you do… it’s a beautiful thing! I had the best butt during the time that I taught striptease classes. The reason it looked great was that I taught those classes in five-inch heels. I use to squat, dance, and gyrate in those extremely high heels for long periods of time. Also, I taught these exercises five to six times a week for more than two hours each day.

I also taught fitness classes and lifted weights, so my muscles were always getting engaged and trained.

But like all good things that must come to an end, when I stopped training and teaching, my muscles sadly disappeared and my skin just sagged! It was and continues to be, a horrendous picture. Why you may ask? Because all the training I use to do was now obsolete. My body was not working as hard as it did and to be honest, my body was not working out at all! Sadly, sometimes you can work out for several months to get into the best shape of your life, and in a matter of weeks, you can slowly lose your hard training results if you stop working out.

Now, the question I still get asked all the time is “how can I get a beautiful and toned butt?” The answer is easier said than done. To build a beautifully shaped butt takes a lot of training and proper eating. If you are trying to build a rounder and more muscular glutes, you need to eat a high (yet clean) caloric diet and you need to train with heavyweights. You need to fatigue that muscle by exerting yourself to failure. At the end of your last set, you need to push further than the mind tells you to push because the body has a little more potential. That is the moment when the muscle grows.

You also need to feed your body and feed it well.

And yes, plant-based diets give you all the clean calories and protein needed to achieve this task. When it comes to butt building, more is more. More weight and more time equal more muscle and rounder shape.

I will soon become a testament to this formula and provide updates on my butt-building strategy. I will become the guinea pig so that others can see my real hard-earned results. It may consist of a longer and more intense training module (3-4 months) but I will update you along the way. And if you want to build your butt too, send me an email ( and I will tell you my workout formula. We can cheer each other on to a better bootie, healthier lifestyle, and a stronger body-mind connection 😉

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Corinne is a writer, actress, dancer, designer and fitness instructor with over 15 years of experience helping women achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. She is also a full-time mom to three beautiful little girls and five adoring animals.