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Get Your GLO On!

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Have you heard about light therapy? You know, the type that uses different colored infrared lights to reduce wrinkles. I actually knew about it for quite a while but didn’t actually experience the benefits until I received Revive Light Therapy GLO Wrinkle Treatment in my FabFitFun box.

GLO uses powerful LED Combinations.

What I love about this little yet powerful machine is that it uses a combination of different colored lights to achieve certain results.

Infrared (IR) light: “invisible to the naked eye, IR light penetrates deeper than any other color in the spectrum. IR light combats the signs of aging by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin.”

Red light: “reaches deep layers of the skin, where it stimulates cellular repair and increases circulation to promote a more vibrant, youthful complexion.”

Amber light: “brings vitality to dull and lifeless complexions.”

I started using this device every day for about two weeks to test it out. You place it directly on the skin in the desired area(s). For me, that entailed most of my face….really! I used it on my laugh lines, crow’s feet, forehead furrows, and forehead. You turn on the machine and you place it on your skin (without moving the device) for three minutes. The machine automatically turns off on its own.

I have friends that have used similar machines but they don’t turn off on their own. They would have to set a timer on their phones to alert them when to move to a different section of the face. Gladfully, I didn’t have that experience with this GLO device. I put in on the skin and before I knew it, it was time to move on to a different section.

Also, I love how this device is practical and small.

You can put it inside your purse for your weekend getaway without having anything bulky taking up too much space. It is also extremely light-weight yet sturdy and super cute. I really love this device and have actually seen great results.

Since I received it in my FabFitFun box and didn’t actually see the cost, I did an online search for the price point. You can buy it directly on the Revive Light Therapy site for about $68 but you can find it as cheap as $40 from other online retailers.

If you are looking for an effective and practical light therapy device, I highly recommend the GLO Wrinkle Treatment.

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