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I love tasting unique and delicious vegan meals. I obviously cook vegan meals at home every day but there is something special and exciting about going out and trying new things. Whenever a new vegan restaurant would open near me, I would quickly grab a friend and sample a few of their dishes. Many times I would leave craving to have those delicious meals delivered but unfortunately, the restaurants only catered to dine-in.

One day, my beautiful blog-partner and friend Opal invited me to her lovely home. Around lunchtime, the doorbell rang and a delicious vegan meal delivery company Hello Vegan appeared. I was surprised, ecstatic, and eagerly wanting to try what was inside those bags. When Opal starting unpacking the bags, loads of delicious colorful meals appeared.

Veggie Quesadillas (my favorite), Jack Fruit Tacos, Mushroom Pierogi, and Cauliflower Ceviche! Needless to say, I was in heaven. Even my husband told Opal that she was spoiling me!! So, of course, the next time I went over her house Maggie (Owner & Head Chef) surprised me during lunchtime with another delicious assortment of vegan food. This time we had Jack Fruit Tacos (favorite #2), Lentil Tacos, Sloopy Joe, Asian Noodle Salad, Pasta Wrap, Poke Salad, and Carrot Cake!

That’s when I knew I could no longer hold this secret to myself.

I needed to share with other vegan food lovers about Hello Vegan. This company is truly incredible. The flavors of each dish are unique and exciting. The meal presentation is top-notch and the prices are UNBEATABLE!!! And the owner and head chef Maggie Stec is super sweet.

I asked Maggie to share a little bit about herself so that we can get to know the vision behind Hello Vegan.

Hello my name is Maggie, and here is my story on how I became a vegan chef! Two years ago, when my 2nd daughter Emma was born, we found out she was lactose intolerant. After that, I decided to become a straight vegan, also having in mind that my older daughter was having problems with her colon. I started digging deeper into the vegan world, and I discovered only benefits, but I soon realized that there weren’t many choices for vegans. If you were looking for a quick meal, you could eat many things that are non-vegan, but in my case, they were barely any. Because of that, I started to experiment cooking without dairy and meat. Having an experienced chef as a husband, I learned many tips and tricks that I twisted into vegan delicacy’s. I’ve never seen myself as much of a chef, but that changed when I became vegan and found my passion for cooking meals. The fact that there are so many possibilities of so many spices, herbs, and ingredients made my mind buzz like a bees nest full of ideas. Creating dishes from scratch made my heart bloom, as well as being able to offer many people tasty meals. I think that health is the most important thing, and I want to offer people some delicious plant-based food, because vegan food isn’t just, “Lettuce” and salads. My daily motto is, “Do everything with your heart, and if you don’t- don’t do it all”.

For those of you lucky enough to be living or working in the Santa Clarita, CA area Hello Vegan can deliver their yummy foods straight to your doors. For the rest of us, we have to make new friends in those surrounding areas to enjoy their meals. As for me, I plan on visiting Opal every weekend for the rest of my life… 🙂

If you would like more information about Hello Vegan meals, go directly to their site at Hello Vegan.

vegan, plant-based, healthy, wellness, food, vegan food delivery, diets, vegetables, fruits

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