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What it’s like to be full blown Swarovski fiend

What it’s like to be full blown Swarovski fiend

            Much like a distracted child I lose all focus whenever a glimmer of shine or a flash of light catches my eye. Crystals are most often my drug of choice and Swarovski my preferred dealer. Few would dare argue that Swarovski is the reigning champ in the battle of the bling. I know instinctively whenever I see one because its multi-faceted illumination is one of a kind. While I own a handful of real diamonds pieces they play second fiddle; I have been collecting Swarovski for years and I have no intention of stopping. Maybe one day I will be featured on one of those TLC specials about compulsive collectors only instead of rusty gasoline pumps I have thousands upon thousands of blinged everything so I can die one fabulous diva; one can only hope anyway.

            So, against the wishes of my home insurance provider I’d love to share the story of my favorite Swarovski piece, a watch that has become the watch of all watches and my coveted trophy. I was on a cruise (by now you must think I’m in my 80’s with the amount of cruises I’ve been on but yeah) when I went to visit their token Swarovski trove brimming with pens, brooches, bracelets you name it. In their showcased cabinet; you know the one with the insane lighting, was a single piece; a watch with rows and rows of crystals crating a solid band of utmost decadence that I could not ignore.

            It was expensive, too expensive for my daiquiri laden cruise tab to handle so I had to pass it up. However, the swan kept haunting me and while I’ve never been much of a watch person I knew I HAD to have this watch even if it meant going without heat for a month. (This was before kids so I can responsibly throw on a blanket and handle sub-zero temps for material goods.) I went home empty handed and with a heavy heart as it had been sold to some lucky golden girl and I missed out. When I got home I searched and searched but couldn’t find that exact watch until one day the EBAY gods showed me mercy and I came across the same piece NWT at much less than the ship’s MSRP. It was love at first sight and we lived happily ever after. Do you have your signature “piece”? I’d love to hear about it.

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