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How Is Your Mental Health?

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It’s that time when rather than focus a cool product or brand, we should be openly talking about our mental health. Since the beginning of this COVID quarantine, life as we know it no longer exists. Our country has been divided by the mask wearers and those that refuse to wear one. We have been locked in our homes for over 6 months with false promises from our governors and politicians. Despite whether we think or do not think that this is all a political scheme, the one thing that is for sure is that our mental health has been affected.

The freedom that we took for granted no longer exists.

We can’t go into a store or restaurant whenever we want. We can’t even sit in a coffee shop and enjoy some hot mocha latte with almond milk. The simplest of things like our children sliding down a parks slide is prohibited. Sunbathing on a public beach…also a no-no. Who would have thought that our country, our beautiful country that stood for freedom and liberty is now the same country that mandates masks, lock-downs, and possibly vaccines! I once read a comment on social media that stated “I don’t regret having children but I do regret bringing them into this world!” What an appropriate statement.

Adults and children are suffering in silence every day.

There is no social interaction, no escape from the madness, and no protection for those suffering abuse. Our politicians are too self-involved in their own power and money that they honestly could care less about the rest of us. We are truly just their pawns in a game of chess but the sad reality is that many of us are suffering. Many are unemployed, hungry, depressed, and suicidal. Many people who once shined brightly are lost in the dark. Needing a friend and/or loved one to lend a hand or just listen to their pain.

What I know is that although they (politicians) are trying to separate us, it is up to us to stay together. It is through unity that we can conquer the misery they are preying upon us. We need to be a beacon of light for one and other and hear the call of pain. Reach out to old friends just to say hello. Simple acts of kindness come a long way and fill our hearts with hope and joy. I know that we are all struggling but there are things we can do to stay sane. I can’t donate money but I donate my time and provide women and mothers with free fitness outdoor classes. It creates a bond between the women and their health and body improve as well.

We as individuals each have a talent or gift that can lift another person up.

Even the simplest acts of holding a door for an elderly person can lift your spirits and theirs as well. We were accustomed to living a materialistic life where we only cared about #1 (ourselves) despite hurting others along the way. But I hope that at least this quarantine taught us the importance of social bonds and family/friend connections. Rather than focus on the social media clutter, its time for us to be physically present for the people and things that truly matter. 

Some of you may still be quarantined at home with the fear of the outside world.

Its time to slowly reach out to friends and siblings and talk to them about your fears. Seek help whether from a professional or a friend but just don’t stay silent anymore. Expressing yourself is truly a liberating experience which often teaches us how many other people feel the same way. We need to silence that inner voice filling our heads with fear and focus on the beauty that surrounds us. Yes, for many of us the picture is not a pretty one but if you have health and life, anything is possible. The only way to get to the top of a mountain is by climbing from the bottom up. Many of us are at the bottom of the mountain wondering how we will ever get to the top but the truth is that we will. As life has to continue, we too will triumph and stand tall.

Know that there are so many wonderful opportunities waiting for us and although it may not seem like it, this too shall pass. Know that you are loved, admired, and appreciated. You may feel as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders but know that the world needs the strength of your shoulders for support  Be kind to yourself, to others and especially this amazing planet and all of its living things. 

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