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The Name Says It All…COLORWOW!

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Have you heard of ColorWOW hair products created by Chris Appleton? If you haven’t, then you will want to give these products a try. I first discovered ColorWow while doing cruelty-free brand searches. Chris Appleton for those of you who don’t know him is the hairstylist to the stars…especially the Kardashian tribe.

He is known to create the best hair transformations in Hollywood. His luxury hair care line called ColorWOW offers a variety of amazing products for all hair types. For this particular article, I am going to focus on his ColorWOW Dream Coat Anti-Freeze Treatment. This product really deserves all the awards it’s receiving.

Here are some of the reasons people love ColorWOW according to their site:
  • Acts like a mini Keratin treatment
  • Transforms all hair types, creating silky, glossy, frizz-free results
  • The key to Chris Appleton’s glass hairstyles
  • No sulfates, no conditioning agents, no parabens, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan

For me, what I LOVED about it is that it left my hair shiny and tangled free especially when I woke up in the morning. I don’t know about you but I wake up looking like I got into a hair fight with my pillows. My hair is usually frizzy and CRAZY! I used the product and a few hours later went to sleep. When I woke up, my hair was intact! That it never happened before!

With a quick brush, my hair looked exactly as it did when I blow dried it the night before. I was really amazed and surprised by the product’s promise. I, however, did not like the smell of my hair. I can’t explain what it smells like but I can tell you that I was not thrilled by it. I had to spray some of my favorite perfume to diminish the scent of the product.

With regards to the use of the product, your hair has to be damp and you want to segregate the hair into parts. Then you evenly spray the product and blow-dry. You need to use HEAT to activate the products’ ingredients to get the effects of that glossy healthy look. If you go to their site Dream Coat you can see some amazing transformations.

I am definitely a believer in this product and you will too. There are amazing reviews all over the internet. This product also won Best of Allure Beauty in 2017. Give this product a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Here is a picture of my hair 2 days after I used the product for the first time. (Keep in mind it withstood my nightly hair pillow fights)….

ColorWOW Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Treatment
Please ignore my hair – it needs some 911 color corrections…;)

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