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Beauty Opal

The Perfect Brow

The Perfect Brow     I once read in a magazine that brows should be sisters; not twins. This advice made me feel so much better when my sad attempts at shaping and penciling made them look more like 3rd cousins. Yes, I fell victim to the over plucking trend of the early 2000’s and …

Beauty Opal

Smashbox Primer

Smashbox Primer     I play the field often when it comes to my makeup and skincare. There are simply too many great products out there to not venture out regularly. I subscribe to several different beauty subscription services that allow me to sample the latest and greatest beauty finds which more often than not …

Beauty Opal

Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair     I wouldn’t describe myself as trendy. If I ever do jump on a bandwagon it’s typically three seasons later with my rendition less than Vogue worthy. One trend I tried a few months ago for the second time was ombre hair. I didn’t like it the first time, I loathed it …

Overtone Pink Hair
Beauty Corinne

Pink Hair…Don’t Care!

Pink Hair     I have always been a creature that loves to evolve and change but in paradox I never actually do. I have dreamed about cutting my hair short and going dark but once a few inches come off, I find myself internally screaming WHY!!!  Every time I have darken my hair, I immediately go …