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Fitness Opal

Sweat Sesh

Sweat Sesh   Yet another brilliant idea of mine involved high heat, thick socks and lots of reality TV. Sweat lodges have been around for ages and are now super trendy and accessible yet again. I snagged a three-sweat session voucher online and happily awaited my upcoming appointment. Walking in I immediately noticed the yogi …

Beauty Opal

Lashes for Days

Lashes for Days   I have the smallest eyes you’ve ever seen. Seriously, I make beavers look bright and doe-eyed so I’ve always been a bit obsessed about enhancing my eyes. I go dramatic on my eye makeup most days, I don’t stop slathering on the mascara until Tammy Faye Bakker would be proud and …

Opal Wellness

Let’s Diffuse the Situation

Let’s Diffuse the Situation   I remember the first time I spotted an essential oil diffuser being used. I was at my accountant’s office and the pristine, modern décor was made even better by the soft wisps of lavender floating next to her. That scene from Alice in Wonderland came to mind, where the allure …