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Opal Wellness

Let’s Diffuse the Situation

Let’s Diffuse the Situation   I remember the first time I spotted an essential oil diffuser being used. I was at my accountant’s office and the pristine, modern décor was made even better by the soft wisps of lavender floating next to her. That scene from Alice in Wonderland came to mind, where the allure …

Opal Wellness

Teeth on Fleek

Teeth on Fleek     Disclaimer…I’ve been blessed with good teeth. Not great teeth, I’ll never have that Hollywood smile, my mouth is small and my teeth even smaller but they are straight, even, and healthy. They’ve always been pretty white but since I am always in pursuit of perfection regardless of how fleeting I …

Opal Wellness

The IV Experience

The IV Experience     I love beauty and wellness trends; sometimes to the extreme. Once I catch wind of something new that promises any degree of enhancement the only questions I ask are where, when, how much? So far, this tactic has proved successful, however, please come back and speak to me if ever …