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Zo Medical by Dr. Obagi

Zo Medical by Dr. Obagi   It’s the equivalent of a training bra for your skin, retinols are an absolute necessity but not until you’re ready. Most experts agree that retinol is best left until the first signs of aging appear but with the millions of women dealing with sensitive skin issues it’s been a …

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It’s Botox Babe

It’s Botox Babe                 My big 3-0 hit me last year and with it went my waistline, taut arms and self-esteem. Ok, maybe these things happened because I stopped exercising and started eating like a Samoan King but still the timeline is bothersome. Looking for quick fix ways to slap a temporary bandage …

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Behold the Power of Black Pearl

Behold the Power of Black Pearl The ingenious power of Dr. Brandt has unleashed a nighttime serum with the power of Tahitian Black Pearl Extract. Yes, it contains plankton extract and a host of other good for your skin ingredients but really the star of the show is this coveted pearl essence. The glass pump …