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Massage, relaxation, tension release
Corinne Wellness

Massage Serenity

If you are overly stressed and sore from your weekly hardships, massages are the way to go. There are so many different varieties of massages out there to sooth your issues and take you into a blissful and serene fantasy. On special occasions when I am granted a certificate for a particular massage, I come …

chromatherapy, valencia, ca, sweat shack
Opal Wellness

Chromotherapy: Color for your Soul

Chromotherapy: Color for your Soul   My love for infrared saunas and therapeutic sweats are well documented. I recently added yet another layer to this experience and it definitely takes it to the next level. It’s chromotherapy; AKA color therapy….simple, effective and widely-underutilized. Up until now my knowledge of color therapy centered around modern interpretations …