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New Beauty TestTube Subscription

New Beauty TestTube Subscription It’s hard to compete with an original, and while I can’t confirm it I’m pretty sure the New Beauty TestTube Beauty Subscription is one of the pioneers of the now trending beauty subscription service. Let’s start at the beginning by saying that New Beauty Magazine is one of the BEST and …

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Beauty Makeup Opal

Glam Beauty Tools

Glam Beauty Tools I am a sucker for beautiful, sexy things; any logic or reasoning just goes out the window along with my credit card whenever I see something painstakingly attractive. Luckily, I am not a high-profile man running for office, so my weakness only extends to material goods. Still, some serious damage can be …

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Hair…Lots of Hair

Hair…Lots of Hair Extra-long hair is typically fascinating to people. I get comments from kids, men, women about my long, long hair almost daily. The convo usually goes down like this…” oh my God I love your hair, is it all yours?” My response, “thank you so much and yes! It’s all mine now because …