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The Anastasia Brow

The Anastasia Brow I oftentimes have trouble with my brows, they start off great with a meticulous waxing leaving them thick and with a high arch but most days it’s not enough. I suffer from “heavy-handed” syndrome and what starts out as light, feathery strokes resembles chola from El Monte within a few seconds. My …

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Macy’s Beauty Box Subscription

Macy’s Beauty Box Subscription     The market is saturated with curated beauty boxes promising a fix on a monthly basis. Some are good; some are great and others…meh…just get a pass. Here’s one that’s fairly new and totally worth checking out; it’s the Macy’s Beauty Box Subscription and here’s the breakdown: For a $15 …

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics     I shamefully admit I did not know who Jeffree Star was until fairly recently. How I missed his big debut on MySpace I will never know because my profile wallpaper and top 8 were basically by entire life during that era. Anyway, he has re-emerged into the mainstream conscious and …

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Body Scrub Bliss

Body Scrub Bliss   I went to a spa yesterday for a massage (big shocker) and for their featured full body polish. Most spas offer some kind of body polish; whether it’s a dry brush, manual scrub or exfoliating mask and as mundane as it seems it never disappoints. Unlike other more invasive treatments, body …